Are you looking to change up your look? Try microblading. Having shaped eyebrows can instantly change the look of your whole face. Just be warned, you may get eyebrow envy from your friends. However, you should know that every brow shape doesn’t work for all types of faces. There are some basic rules to follow when shaping your brows.

Diamond shape faces tend to be widest at the cheekbones. Since you will want to soften your features, you need to have a curved brow. This will detract the wideness of your face.

Heart faces are upside down triangles with rounded tops—thus the heart shape name. This means your chin is longer and more pointed than your cheeks are wide. For heart shaped faces the best types of brows are those that are more rounded. This means low arches as it softens the face.

Rounded faces are similar in size and symmetry. You want high arches on your brows because your face is already soft. You also want bold arches to create angles on your face.

Square faces are more angular. You want brows that softly round, and just like a heart shaped faces, you are trying to soften the overall appearance of your angles.

Long faces are should have brows that are extended. You want them to end a bit past the corner of your eye.

Oval faces are well proportioned. Congratulations, because you have the easiest face shape when it comes to shaping brows. Try a slightly arched brow. This shape looks best. Although, you can try any of brow style to see what works best for you.

So, when looking to get a new shape for your eyebrows, remember to follow these basic tips. By doing so, you can increase the overall look of your face. Call or come visit us at The Face Place of Bridge Road for a consultation or shaping session. Our experts are glad to help

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